Ring Size Adjusters
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  • Children rings that will soon be grown into. Ring guards are easy to put on and take off. Let your children wear rings for special occasions without worry about it getting lost. Remove the ring guard when the ring begins to fit properly on your child's finger.
  • Rings that fit over the knuckle but always tend to slide on the finger. Ring guards can be adjusted for a tighter fit after passing the knuckle. Keep your stones upright by slightly pressing up on the "wrap" while the ring is on your finger.
  • When the engraving may be cut off with sizing. Ring guards are 14K gold filled.
  • Occasional swelling of the fingers. Ring guards can be adjusted easily when a tighter fit is needed.
  • Weight loss. During weight loss, temporary sizing of your ring until you reach your goal can save you money.
  • Summer activities - suntan lotion, swimming, sweating can cause rings to slip off your finger. The beaches are full of metal detectors looking for lost jewelry.